Europex position paper on “Information Management and Market Transparency”

Brussels, 10 May 2010 | Europex believes that in order to support the further development of the IEM, it is essential that a consistent approach is defined to the provision of market related information to wholesale market participants (and the general public) across Member States: suppliers, generators, energy traders, large customers and demand side participants. Therefore, Europex calls for this approach to be based on the general principle that market information should be made available to all market participants and the public in general in a timely, simultaneous and non-discriminatory manner. Please find the position paper attached.
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Europex response to Commission consultation on the “Discussion Paper on Transparency and Integrity of Traded Wholesale Markets in Electricity and Gas”

Brussels, 26 February 2010 | Europex welcomes the initiative by the Commission to strengthen the energy markets integrity and transparency. The proposals given by the Third Energy Package is an important prerequisite for further work towards more integrated and efficient European energy markets. However, DG Market is also going to propose measures to enhance the integrity of the OTC derivatives markets which should be included in the scope. Given the fact of complexity, and moreover, the parallel development and review of legislation, Europex wants to plead for a road map including an overview of interdependencies, both on content and processes. Please find
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