Europex response to the CEER Public Consultation on the draft 3D Strategy and CEER 2019 Work Programme

Brussels, 9 August 2018 | Europex welcomes the efforts by the Council of European Energy Regulators to address upcoming challenges of the energy sector with a 3D strategy. An increasingly interconnected and interdependent European Internal Energy Market requires enhanced cross-border cooperation. The energy transition and digitalisation bring unprecedented challenges which the entire sector has to address. We believe that the regulatory framework should keep focusing on reducing emissions, keeping costs low and maintaining a high level of security of supply. At the same time, it should encourage innovation and change and support new opportunities stemming from these fundamental developments. A
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Europex reactions to the CEER study on the Future Role of Gas

Brussels, 25 June 2018 | Europex welcomes the initiative from the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) to explore the Future Role of Gas (FROG) as well as its implications for the regulatory framework and infrastructure requirements. We share the view that gas plays a very significant role in Europe’s energy mix today and will continue to do so in the mid- and long-term. A variety of energy sources, including natural and renewable gas, will be required to meet the EU’s long-term objectives of secure, affordable and clean energy for all Europeans. Natural gas offers many advantages as a flexible
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