The Working Group Environmental Markets (WG EM) was created following a decision of the Europex Steering Committee in 2010.

 The aims of WG EM are to:

  • Analyse environmental markets and policies adopted at national and EU level;
  • Facilitate cooperation between Europex members by creating a platform for sharing experiences and working on projects of common interest;
  • Promote the role of market-based mechanisms through the formulation of position papers, which are shared with all relevant stakeholders;
  • Develop and enhance Europex’ external relations regarding environmental markets with contributions to studies, events, conferences and common projects with other associations;
  • Represent Europex externally on relevant matters according to the mandate given by the Europex Board.

In recent years, WG EM’s work has been focused primarily on the following points:

  1. RES support schemes: ensure that support mechanisms are to the fullest extent possible compatible with the market and do not distort price signals;
  2. Decentralisation and new technologies: analyse the impacts of decentralised generation and new technologies on current market arrangements;
  3. Demand side flexibility: promote the development of an efficient demand flexibility market centred on exchanges with demand participating either directly or through aggregators;
  4. Guarantees of Origin (GOs): support the development of common standards and reliable disclosure mechanisms (full disclosure for all production sources based on GOs), with a view to making them exchange tradable;
  5. Carbon trading: support for market-based methods of allocation and carbon compliance in general and promote the development of an efficient and stable EU ETS post-2020.

The Team

WG EM consists of 52 members from 24 exchanges. Michiel Mulder (ICE Endex) is the head of the WG.

Contact details

E-mail: michiel.mulder@theice.com

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