The Working Group Environmental Markets (WG EM) has been created by a decision of the Europex Steering Committee in 2010.

 The aim of WG EM is to:

  • Analyse environmental markets and policies adopted at national and EU level.
  • Facilitate co-operation between Europex members by creating a platform for sharing experiences and working on projects of common interest.
  • Promoting the role of market-based mechanisms through the formulation of position papers, which are circulated among all relevant stakeholders.
  • Develop and enhance Europex external relations regarding environmental markets with contributions to studies, events, conferences and common projects with other associations.
  • Represent Europex externally on relevant matters according to the mandate given by the Europex Board.

In recent years, WG EM’s work has been focused primarily on the following three points:

  1. Renewable energy sources in electricity production and support schemes:
  2. steer support system towards market and re-establish the connection to the electricity system as a whole
  3. analyse impact of decentralised generation and new technologies on current market arrangements
  4. Guarantee of Origin (GO) systems: support for further implementation of common standards and reliable disclosure mechanisms – full disclosure for all production sources based on GOs.
  5. Carbon trading: support for market-based methods of allocation and carbon compliance in general.

The Team

WG EM consists of 52 members from 24 exchanges. Derya Erbay (EPİAŞ) is the head of the WG.

Head of WG EM: Derya Erbay (Legal and Compliance Unit Manager, EPİAŞ)

Contact details

E-mail: derya.erbay@epias.com.tr

Phone: +90 212 264 15 70

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