The Working Group Power Markets is the longest standing WG within Europex and was established in January 2003 “to put forward the views and methodologies on the contribution of energy exchanges to managing and eliminating congestion”, as concluded by the European Electricity Regulatory Florence Forum at its 9th meeting in October 2002 in Rome.

Since its inception, the work of WG PM has focused on making an active contribution to the development of framework conditions, regulations and market design proposals linked to cross-border trading and congestion management, with a clear aim of fostering efficient, competitive and market driven power markets in Europe, where exchanges can play an important role.

In practice, WG PM acts on both the technical and on a more strategic level. The group produces market design and governance related proposals on its own initiative. Through consultations, position papers, participation in stakeholder groups and other fora, the group also interacts with relevant EU level authorities and stakeholders linked to initiatives to establish new or amend EU Directives, Regulations, Guidelines and Codes in the field of electricity.

The working scope of WG PM covers organised wholesale trading and related regulatory issues in the Day Ahead, intraday, balancing (ancillary services) arrangements and long term forwards market timeframes.

To strengthen the focus on certain fields, two Task Forces (TF) have been established under WG PM, namely one on Balancing and one on Forwards Markets.

The head of WG PM and a member of the Balancing TF represent Europex in the  MESC (Market European Stakeholder Group), established by ACER & ENTSO-E in 2015. Furthermore, the head of WG PM is a member of the Europex delegation at the Electricity Florence Forum and along with other WG PM/ TF members represents Europex in other EU level stakeholder advisory groups (SAGs) and seminars linked to the implementation of the Network Codes, including the ENTSO-E led SAGs on Balancing and Forwards.

The head of WG PM reports to the Europex Board and receives direction and support from the Secretariat, as well as ongoing coordination with other Europex WGs.

The Team

WG PM consists of 65 members from 22 exchanges. Rickard Nilsson (Nord Pool) has been Head of the WG since 2016.

Head of WG PM: Rickard Nilsson (Manager Market Design and Business Development, Nord Pool)

Contact details

E-mail: rickard.nilsson@nordpoolgroup.com

Phone: +46 8 555 166 06

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