Borut Rajer

Borut Rajer is Director of Operations at Borzen, the Slovenian Power Market Operator, where he previously held the post of Head of Renewables and R&D.

His work primarily encompasses the oversight and development of market operations (nominations, scheduling, imbalance settlement, balancing market), data reporting (REMIT RRM), and, in the field of renewable energy sources, mainly directing the operations of the Slovenian renewables support scheme (“Centre for RES/CHP support”). Other activities include analysis of electricity and related markets, market coupling and guarantees of origin.

His main projects include setting up and overseeing the Centre for RES/CHP Support in 2009 (which runs the Slovenian feed-in support scheme), the Slovenian Guarantees of Origin Registry and associated national GO system, and other applications (e.g. ADA-TS Single Seller Auction application, DELFI Short-term RES production forecasting tool). He was also involved in setting up the Slovenian Power Exchange BSP and the associated day-ahead market coupling project on the Slovenian-Italian border.

He is a guest lecturer for Energy Economics at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics, covering primarily the field of renewables and the energy market.

From 1 January 2014 until 31 December 2017 he was the Head of Working Group “Environmental Markets” at Europex, the Association of European Energy Exchanges. Borut has been a Member of the Europex Board since 1 January 2018.