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Press Releases

Letter on the proposed market correction mechanism

We are convinced that the proposal for a market correction mechanism will not achieve its primary objective of lowering energy prices but will seriously threaten the EU’s security of supply situation and introduce severe risks to financial stability in Europe.

Position Papers

Europex cautions against Market Correction Mechanism

Europex is concerned about the practical implications of the Market Correction Mechanism as set out in Article 23 of the draft Council Regulation and would like to highlight that any such mechanism must meet the conditions outlined in Article 23 (2) (b)-(j).



Europex divides its activities into four Working Groups which consider topics critical to electricitygasenvironmental and financial markets. Furthermore, more specific policy areas are tackled by Task Forces such as for balancing, market integrity and transparency and Energy Community and third country issues.


Europex has developed this resource to provide an overview of EU legislation relevant for wholesale energy trading. The collection only includes legislation that has formally entered into force. Links to non-binding guidance or supporting documents are also available, where relevant.

all Nemo CommitTee

The All NEMO Committee facilitates cooperation among Nominated Electricity Market Operators (NEMOs) to support the efficient and secure design, implementation and operation of single day-ahead and intraday coupling.

Visit the All NEMO Committee website to learn more. Europex takes no responsibility for the content of the All NEMO Committee website.