Europex General Assembly elects Jonas Törnquist as new Board Member and makes its farewell to Jean-François Conil-Lacoste

New Europex Board and Heads of the Working Groups

Following elections at the General Assembly in Brussels in October 2017, the new leadership team for the period 2018-2019 was appointed. Pieter Schuurs (President & COO, ICE Endex) was re-elected as Chairman of the Board while Jean-François Conil-Lacoste (CEO, EPEX SPOT) and Egbert Läge (CEO, Powernext) continue in their roles as Board members. Borut Rajer (Director of Operations, Borzen), Erling Thiis (CFO & acting CEO, Nord Pool) and Artur Trindade (Vice Chairman of OMIE and Vice Chairman of OMIP) were newly elected to the Board.

The Power Markets Working Group continued to be headed by Rickard Nilsson (Nord Pool) and the Gas Markets Working Group by Frederick Bernthaler (CEGH). Derya Erbay (EPİAŞ) took responsibility for the Environmental Markets Working Group and Anje Stiers (EEX) for the Working Group for Financial Regulation, Integrity and Transparency.


Europex moves to new headquarters

Europex starts 2017 with a move to new premises. After being located in the Rue Montoyer for 8 years, the move to Rue Archimède 44 represents another important milestone for the Association, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. The new location near the Berlaymont building, the heart of the European district, accommodates an expanding team, providing an even stronger presence in Brussels and a more accessible venue for meetings and other events.


General Assembly elects Karol Peršolja as new Board member

In an extraordinary election on 24 October, the General Assembly of Europex elected Karol Peršolja, General Manager at Borzen, the Slovenian Power Market Operator, as the new member of the Europex Board. Mr Peršolja replaces Ireneusz Łazor who recently resigned from TGE, the Polish Power Exchange, and complements the Europex Board currently consisting of Pieter Schuurs (ICE Endex & Europex Chairman), Jean-François Conil-Lacoste (EPEX SPOT), Egbert Laege (Powernext), Mikael Lundin (Nord Pool) and Pedro J. Mejía Gómez (OMIE).

Croatian Energy Market Operator HROTE joins Europex

On 1 July, the Croatian Energy Market Operator (Hrvatski operator tržišta energije – HROTE) joins Europex as its 27th member. HROTE is based in Zagreb, Croatia, and provides energy market services for gas and electricity trading as well as for the promotion of renewable energy sources. It was founded on 4 April 2005 and has already been a member of Europex from May 2013 to March 2015.

Pieter Schuurs, the Europex Chairman, commented: “We welcome HROTE’s renewed Europex membership. HROTE is an important player in the Croatian energy wholesale markets for gas and electricity and its membership in Europex will further strengthen the association, also taking into account the positive dynamics of the energy markets in South Eastern Europe.”

Pieter Schuurs elected as new Europex Chairman. Jean-François Conil-Lacoste joins Europex Board

At its annual meeting on 24 May in Leipzig, Germany, the General Assembly of Europex, elected Pieter Schuurs, President & COO of ICE Endex, as the new Chairman of the Association. In addition, Jean-François Conil-Lacoste, Chairman of the Management Board of EPEX SPOT, was elected to the Europex Board. The election followed the departure of Massimo Ricci as Chairman & CEO of GME, whereupon Ricci has no longer been eligible for the position as Europex Chairman. Given the double role of the Chairperson, a new Board member needed to be elected as well.

In addition, the memberships of the Istanbul Energy Exchange (EPİAŞ) and the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX) have been reconfirmed by the Europex General Assembly after their provisional admission at the beginning of this year. Both are now full members of the Association.

The youngest European power exchange joins Europex

On 29 January 2016, Europex admitted its 26th member: the Independent Bulgarian Power Exchange (IBEX). IBEX was established in 2014 and is based in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia. It started its electricity day-ahead market less than two weeks ago, on 19 January 2016, and currently also works on the establishment of a complementing electricity intra-day market.

Europex appoints 25th member

Europex starts 2016 with a new member: Enerji Piyasaları İşletme A.Ş. (EPİAŞ), a Turkish energy exchange based in Istanbul, and thus, admits the 25th member of the Association.

Following the recent integration of the businesses of EPEX SPOT SE and APX B.V., the General Assembly agreed on transferring the Europex membership of APX B.V. to EPEX SPOT SE.

New Europex Board and Heads of the Working Groups

With the start of 2016, the new Europex Board and the four Chairmen of the Europex Working Groups are officially taking up office following their election by the General Assembly in October last year.

The old and new Chairman is Massimo Ricci (Chairman & CEO of GME). The other five Board members are Egbert Laege (CEO of Powernext), Ireneusz Łazor (President of the Management Board of TGE), Mikael Lundin (CEO of Nord Pool Spot), Pedro J. Mejía Gómez (Chairman & CEO of OMIE & OMIP) and Pieter Schuurs (President & COO at ICE Endex).

The four Heads of the Working Groups are Frederick Bernthaler (Head of Legal at CEGH) for WG GM, Rickard Nilsson (Senior Adviser Innovation and Market Design at Nord Pool Spot) for WG PM, Borut Rajer (Director of Operations at Borzen) for WG EM and Daniel Wragge (Head of Political & Regulatory Affairs at EEX) for WG FIT.


Christian Baer appointed as new Secretary General. Europex now counts 24 members

At a meeting in Belfast on 18 May 2015, the General Assembly of Europex appointed Christian Baer as the new Secretary General and welcomed APCS (Austria), CROPEX (Croatia) and ELEXON (United Kingdom) as new full members and ESCO (Georgia) as new associate member of the Association. Europex now represents 24 members in total.

Departure of the Secretary General

In February, Manuel Coxe, who was Europex Secretary General for over six years, leaves the Association.

Power Exchange Central Europe (PXE) becomes full member of Europex

In April, the General Assembly approved the new Articles of Association and the full membership of PXE – Power Exchange Central Europe.

New Governance Structure: new Chairman, five Board members and Heads of Working Groups

In December, the General Assembly endorsed a new Governance Structure to be in place from 2014 and elected the New Chairman, Mr. Massimo Ricci, CEO and Chairman of the Italian Power Exchanges, and five other Board members and four Heads of Working Groups.

Europex welcomes two new full members

In May, HROTE (Croatia) and ICE ENDEX (The Netherlands) become full members.

Europex extends into southeastern Europe

In May, HEMO – Hellenic Electricity Market Operator – becomes full member.

Europex now officially ``Association of European Energy Exchenges``

In March, Europex becomes “Association of European Energy Exchenges” and launches a redesigned website which offers a fresh new look that technically provides online visitors with significant improvements in navigation and easier accessibility of information.

José Carvalho Netto takes over the seat as Europex Chairman

In November, José Carvalho Netto, Chairman and CEO of OMIE S.A. and OMIP S.G.M.R., S.A. elected Chairman.

Three new members join the Association

In November, CEGH A.G. (Austria), OKTE S.A. (Slovakia) and SEMO (Ireland) become full members.


Europex welcomes Hungarian member

HUPX, the Hungarian Power Exchange becomes full member.

Europex Secretariat gets own offices

The Europex Secretariat in Brussels is stablished, with permanent staff

Jean-François Conil-Lacoste elected as new Europex Chairman

In September, Jean-François Conil-Lacoste, CEO of Powernext, elected Chairman. He held this position until end 2011.

Establishment of four Europex Working Groups

Working Group (WG) on Power Markets, WG on Gas Markets, WG on Transparency and Integrity of Spot and Derivatives Markets, and WG on Environmental Markets are established to better respond to the energy exchanges’ challenges in different areas.

Europex support PCR project

Europex supports the Price Coupling of the Regions (PCR) project.

Europex appoints first Secretary General

In November, Europex appoints Manuel Coxe as the first Secretary-General of the Association, having started his work in this position from February 2009.

Salvatore Zecchini elected as Chairman

In November, Salvatore Zecchini, president of GME, elected Chairman. He held this position until July 2009.

Draft proposal on ``Coordinated Model(s) for Regional and Inter-Regional Congestion Management Methods`` presented

Europex and the Association of European TSOs deliver the draft proposal on “Coordinated Model(s) for Regional and Inter-Regional Congestion Management Methods” in the 14th Florence Electricity Regulatory Forum of December.


Towards regional cooperation

The 13th Florence Electricity Regulatory Forum of September 2007 endorses responsibilities to Europex and the Association of European TSOs to start collaboration on “Coordinated Model(s) for Regional and Inter-Regional Congestion Management Methods”.

General Assembly supports needed organisational changes

The General Assembly of 7 June approves the amendement of the Statutes to better reflect the needed organisational structure and scope of the Association.

Nordic energy exchanges joins Europex

Nord Pool Spot (Norway) becomes full member.

Europex admits two new members

OMIP (Portugal) and Belpex (Belgium) become full members.

Torger Lien takes over the Europex Chairmanship

In December, Torger Lien, CEO of Nord Pool ASA, elected Chairman. He held this position until end 2008.

Four new members join Europex

ENDEX (European Energy Derivatives, The Netherlands), EXAA (Austria), Polpx (Poland) and OPCOM (Romania) become full members.


Damjan Stank succeeds Bert Den Ouden as Europex Chairman

In December, Damjan Stanek, CEO of the Slovenian Power Exchange, Borzen, elected Chairman. He held this position until end 2006. 

Cooperation with TSOs

Europex and the Association of European TSOs propose a “Flow-Based Market Coupling” solution.

Second Florence Forum participation

Presents a proposal in the Florence Forum on Decentralised Market Coupling.

OTE, a.s., the Czech electricity and gas market operator, becomes full member

OTE (Czech Republic) becomes full member of Europex

Bert Den Oude appointed as Chairman

In April, Bert Den Ouden, CEO of APX, was elected Chairman of the Association, with imediate effect, having held this position until end 2004.

Formal foundation of Europex

On 12 April 2002, Europex, Association of European Power Exchanges was formally founded in an Assembly by the following seven members: APX (Amsterdam Power Exchange, The Netherlands), Borzen (Slovenia), EEX (European Energy Exchange, Germany), GME (Gestore Mercato Elettrico, Italy), Nord Pool ASA (Norway), OMEL (Operador del Mercado Electrico, Spain) and Powernext (France).

First public appearance

The association participates for the first time in the European Electricity Regulatory Forum (Florence Forum), with the support of APEx (The International Association of Power Exchanges).


Maria Luisa Huidobro elected as first Chairperson

Maria Luisa Huidobro, CEO of the Spanish power exchange, was the first Chairperson, appointed to organise the association until the first elections in 2002.

The first steps

European Power Exchanges realised the need for cooperation to deal with challenges coming from the creation of an Internal Energy Market. Being main actors in the development of the energy market, seven European Power Exchanges voluntarily agree to start a project of creating a single body as a platform to align the exchganges’ positions and respond effectively before the European Commission, the EU Parliament and the main energy stakeholders.