europex board

The six-person Board, elected every two years, steers the Association and reports to the General Assembly. It is composed of CEOs or equivalent senior executive staff. Currently elected to the Board (2022 – 2023 mandate) are: Pieter Schuurs (ICE Endex) – Chairman, Borut Rajer (Borzen), Jonas Törnquist (EPEX SPOT), Andrea Péruzy (GME), Ahmet Türkoğlu (EPİAŞ) and Piotr Zawistowski (TGE).


Chairman of the Board

Pieter Schuurs


Board member

Jonas Törnquist


Board member

Borut Rajer


Board member

Andrea Péruzy


Board member

Ahmet Türkoğlu


Board member

Piotr Zawistowski