Michal Puchel

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Michal Puchel is Chairman of the Board of Directors of OTE, the Czech electricity and gas market operator.

OTE has provided comprehensive services to individual electricity and gas market players since 2001. On top of market operation, the evaluation, billing and settlement of imbalances are other key services offered by OTE to market participants, as well as administration of the National Register of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. OTE also covers the administration of support payments to supported energy sources and the issuance of guarantees of origin.

Michal is a graduate of the University of Economics in Prague, E.ON Academy Energy Series and Prince Foundation 5th Edition. He has been working in the energy sector since 1999, i.e. his entire professional life. Among other things, he worked as an analyst at Accenture, as director of Euroenergy, as head of strategy and regulation at Západoslovenská energetika and as head of the department of transmission and system services at CEPS.

In his former position, as part of a management team of Czech transmission system operator, Michal has gained significant experience in forming and influencing EU legislation and operating secure and flawless solutions. Since April 2021 he has been a member of the Board of Directors of OTE and since June 2021 Chairman of the Board of Directors of OTE. 

Current expertise covers electricity and gas power markets (including renewable gas and hydrogen), environmental markets and balancing markets.