Europex response to the consultation on the draft Delegated Regulation adjusting the EU ETS auction process for 2021-30

Brussels, 6 August 2019 | Europex welcomes the opportunity to comment on the proposal for a Commission Delegated Regulation to align the auctioning of allowances with the EU ETS rules for the Fourth Trading Period and with the classification of allowances as financial instruments as published on 9 July 2019.

In this context, we have taken particular positive note of the following suggested changes:

▪ The simplified procedure for the determination and publication of auction calendars;
▪ The clarification of rules on the distribution of auction volumes in case of multiple auction cancellations;
▪ The clarification of the notification procedure for the voluntary cancellation of allowances.

In the following, and with a view to further improve the efficient functioning of the European emissions market, Europex would like to suggest a number of additional changes to Regulation (EU) No 1031/2010 in the following areas (please see attached file for detailed feedback and suggested amendments):

1) Auction calendar (Arts. 8, 11, 13, 32)

2)  Multiples of lots of 500 allowances (Art. 6)

3)  Auction accessibility (Arts. 18-20)

4)  Transaction reporting (Art. 36)

5) Structure and level of fees (Art. 51)

Please download the full response below.