Europex responds to ERGEG Call For Evidence On Gas Target Model

Brussels, 17 January 2011 | Europex welcomes the initiative of ERGEG to launch this call for evidence aimed to explore, in close cooperation with stakeholders, the interaction and interdependence of all relevant areas for network codes and to initiate a process establishing a gas market target model. Europex agrees that the internal market in natural gas suffers from a lack of liquidity and transparency hindering the efficient allocation of resources, risk hedging and new entry. Therefore, we believe that, with a view to creating an internal market in natural gas, relevant European institutions, Member States and stakeholders should jointly focus their efforts in order to foster the development and integration of their national markets and the cooperation of system operators and Energy Exchanges at Community and regional level. We agree that the main “corner stones”, as already codified by the 3rd Package, of a conceptual model for an European gas markets are the following: establishment of Entry/Exit (E/E) zones for transmission systems, market-based balancing, Third Party Access (TPA) to transmission systems and to storage and LNG facilities, regional cooperation of Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and transparency.

Please find the whole consultation response attached.