Europex responds to ERGEG public consultation on the “Draft advice on the regulatory oversight of Energy Exchanges”

Brussels, 29 July 2011 | Europex welcomes the opportunity to take part in ERGEG’s public consultation.

Our first goal, is to bring overall clarity in regards to essential points the consultation touches. Posing the overall question whether and how EEs should be regulated the consultation comprises several issues, which do not necessarily have something in common and it is sometimes not obvious neither what the red line nor what the concrete intention behind are. For this reason, our answer also enhances several questions, which we would like to discuss in the upcoming debate.

Our second goal, is to give indications on what measures are necessary to further foster the development of Energy Exchanges by establishing a common legal or regulatory oversight/ supervision framework of Energy Exchanges. With Energy Exchanges playing an important role in today’s liberalised energy markets, REMIT coming into force soon, reviews of MiFID and MAD being in progress and various European and national energy regulatory frameworks in place, a dedicated and clarifying discussion on the future of the legal/ regulatory oversight of Energy Exchanges comes at the right time.

Please find the whole consultation response attached.