Europex response to ACER public consultation “European Energy Regulation: A Bridge to 2025”

Brussels, 16 June 2014 | Europex welcomes ACER’s initiative to consult the stakeholders on the energy market challenges and possible regulatory responses and priorities for the period 2014-2025, as well as the possibility to present its position on these issues. We believe that proper identification of those challenges and the implementation of adequate regulatory responses are of interest of all energy market stakeholders. In general ACER has identified the main issues and trends. ACER has taken a holistic approach in its draft vision, which we consider very helpful. Besides identifying priorities and engaging stakeholders by this consultation and possible forthcoming actions, it is important to report progress regarding the priorities. The complete implementation of the third package, the network codes and REMIT, and subsequent evaluation, are prerequisites for identifying any specific residual issues that may require regulatory or policy intervention.

Please find the whole response attached.