Europex response to DG COMP consultation on “Interim Report of the Sector Inquiry on Capacity Mechanisms”

Brussels, 6 July 2016 | Europex welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on the present CRM Interim Report. We are committed to further engage in a dialogue with the European Commission and other stakeholders on this important matter, which has far reaching implications for the efficiency of the wholesale electricity market and the security of supply in the rapidly changing European power system.

Our members are predominantly active in different regional and local settings with different fundamental needs and purposes. This is also reflected in the different scopes of CRMs, including the more limited strategic reserves. Nevertheless, a set of key principles, criteria and delimitations of CRMs should generally be applicable across all European electricity markets.

In the response attached, we comment directly on DG COMP’s CRM Interim Report while also outlining some general principles for CRMs.