Europex response to EC Consultation Paper on Generation Adequacy, Capacity Mechanisms and the Internal Market in Electricity

Brussels, 14 Februar 2013 | Europex welcomes and broadly supports the public consultation of the European Commission. The considerable development of electricity production from (intermittent) renewable energy sources has led to a critical need to ensure consistency throughout Europe on some aspects of the energy policy. This is necessary to avoid significant market distortions that could otherwise lead to an inefficient use of transmission capacities, decreased competition and a degraded price formation resulting in higher cost for the community and possibly lower security of supply. Europex, as the organisation representing the European energy exchanges, does not have a position on all issues addressed by the present public consultation, but is willing to contribute to the debate by putting forward some key elements to ensure a proper Internal Energy Market functioning. It wants to stress in particular the important role of electricity market integration to achieve decarbonisation of the power sector based on cost efficiency.

Please find the whole consultation response attached.