Europex responses to ACER public consultation on the influence of existing bidding zones on electricity markets

Brussels, 30 September 2013 | Europex understand that ACER has launched its bidding zone consultation as part of an ACER/ENTSO-E pilot project, whose objective is to test the process to review bidding zones set out in the draft Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management Network Code (CACM NC). We welcome the initiative of ACER to engage with stakeholders early in this process. In our consultation response, we summarise our key observations on the ACER consultation and proposed process and then provide answers to the specific questions raised in the consultation.

It is Europex’s view that the key output of the ACER/ENTSO-E pilot project should be an assessment of the bidding zone review process that is set out in the CACM NC and, where necessary, recommendations to amend the bidding zone review process in the CACM NC. A transparent and consultative approach to the pilot project will be critical to deliver this output. ACER and ENTSO-E should not commit to a full review before the output described is delivered.

Please find the whole consultation response attached.