Review of EU Energy Efficiency Directive: Europex responds to Commission consultation

Brussels, 29 January 2016 | Europex welcomes the Commission’s consultation on the EU’s long term energy efficiency objective as a follow-up to last year’s market design consultation. In our response, we highlight the need to strengthen additional market-based incentive mechanisms, such as white certificates, as this will lead to optimised choices of economic operators when implementing energy efficiency standards. Making energy savings tradable will also lead to an optimised allocation of resources. This should be the primary goal at EU level in addition to coordinating and inter-relating the policy objectives on energy efficiency, renewables and emission reduction. Against this background, Europex emphasises in its response that undue subsidies negatively impact incentive schemes for energy efficient behaviour. We therefore underline the necessity to end subsidies that lead to market distortions and that partly disable the well-functioning of the price signal of European energy markets.

Please find the whole response attached.