Power Clearing and Settlement
Headquarters:Palais Liechtenstein, Alserbachstraße 14-16, 1090 Vienna, Austria
Location(s):Vienna, Austria
Date of foundation:8 July 2001
Member of the Management Board:Wolfgang Aubrunner, Josef Holzer, Franz Keuschnig
Traded commodities and traded volumes in 2016:2.696 GWh
Current number of employees (February 2017):0 (operated by service provider: CISMO Clearing Integrated Services and Market Operations GmbH)
Annual report(s):APCS Annual Reports 2005 – 2017


APCS was founded in the course of the liberalisation of the Austrian electricity market in the year 2000. The responsibilities of APCS are defined in the National Electricity Act and are among other things the administration of balance groups and the calculation, clearing and settlement of imbalances.

The law gives APCS the obligation to contract with all market participant. Currently APCS has contracts with some 350 different companies in the market roles balance responsible parties, suppliers and grid operators.

APCS is a privately owned incorporated company with a legal mandate. APCS is owned by several private companies of the IT, bank and electricity sector. The largest shareholder owns a share of 17%. The amount of shares owned by electricity companies is 46%, which guarantee a minority influence of electricity companies. APCS considers itself as fully independent.

Besides the clearing agency activities, APCS has the obligation to operate a centralised electronic platform to support the supplier switching process. Via this platform, the Energy Link (www.energylink.at), suppliers and grid operators exchange information related to consumers supplier switching.

Member of the Europex General Assembly

Josef Holzer, Member of the Management Board

Europex contact person

Philip Rodemeyer, Clearing & Risk Management

  • +43 1 319 07 01-70
  • +43 1 319 07 01-311
  • philip.rodemeyer@apcs.at


General contact details

  • APCS – Power Clearing and Settlement AG

    Palais Liechtenstein

    Alserbachstraße 14-16

    1090 Vienna


  • +43 1 9074 612-0
  • +43 1 319 07 01-311
  • office@apcs.at