Slovenian Power Market Operator
Headquarters:Dunajska 156, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Location(s):Ljubljana, Slovenia
Date of foundation:28 March 2001
General Manager:Karol Peter Peršolja
Traded commodities and traded volumes in 2018:DA: 7440 GWh

ID: 331 GWh

BAL: 130 GWh


Current number of employees (December 2018):30
Annual report(s):Borzen 2017 Annual Report


Borzen was founded on 28th March 2001 and is owned by the Government of Slovenia. As the Electricity Market Operator, Borzen provides and facilitate the coordinated operation of the Slovenian electricity system.

Borzen performs various activities in the field of, primarily, electricity: balance scheme management, recording of closed contracts and operational forecasts, elaboration of indicative operating schedules, imbalance settlement, balancing market operation, REMIT RRM services and financial settlement of transactions, all connected with the aforementioned activities. Within the Centre for RES/CHP support, Borzen stimulates environmental policies and promote public awareness. The Centre for RES/CHP support is the support scheme operator for the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources and highly efficient cogeneration of heat and power (CHP).

Borzen also performs various other activities related to renewables, such as operating the Guarantees of Origin registry and informing and training in the field of RES and energy efficiency, stemming from requirements of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive. BSP, a daughter company of Borzen, ( operates the day-ahead (DA) and intra-day (ID) markets. Borzen is directly responsible for the balancing market (BAL). In 2018, common DA, ID and BAL volumes represented approx. 60% of total Slovenian yearly electricity consumption.

Member of the Europex General Assembly

Karol Peter Peršolja, General Manager

Europex contact person

Eva Činkole Kristan, Public Relations



General contact details

  • Borzen, operater trga z elektriko, d. o. o.

    Dunajska 156

    1000 Ljubljana


  • +386 1 620 7600
  • +386 1 620 7601