Croatian Power Exchange
Headquarters:Slavonska avenija 6/A, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Location(s):Zagreb, Croatia
Date of foundation:20 May 2014
President of the Management Board:Silvio Brkić
Traded commodities and traded volumes in 2019:Day Ahead Market: 5.250.202,0 MWh


Intraday Market: 101.419,0 MWh

Current number of employees (July 2020):10
Annual report(s):n/a


CROATIAN POWER EXCHANGE Ltd. was established in May 2014 and is equally owned by the CROATIAN ENERGY MARKET OPERATOR Ltd. and the Croatian Transmission System Operator Ltd.

CROPEX’s mission is to provide a central place for electricity trading to market participants in a secure, reliable and transparent way. CROPEX operates the local Croatian day-ahead and intraday market and acts as a central counterparty for all day-ahead and intraday trades concluded on the trading platform.

CROPEX was designated by Croatian NRA as the Croatian NEMO in December 2015 for period of four years.

Soon after in February 2016 CROPEX launched day ahead market trading operations.

With the support of the Croatian NRA, CROPEX, together with the Croatian TSO, successfully coupled in June 2018 Croatian Day-Ahead Market into the SDAC MRC electricity market via HR-SI border.

In November 2019, CROPEX, together with Croatian TSO, successfully coupled Croatian Intraday Market via its EU borders, HR – HU and HR – SI, into the SIDC Single Intraday market.

During 2019 CROPEX launched Guarantees of Origins auctions as well as auctions for grid losses procurement and auctions for selling renewable electricity generated from incentivized RES power plants.

In December 2019 Croatian NRA designated CROPEX as Croatian NEMO for upcoming period of time.

Member of the Europex General Assembly

Silvio Brkić, President of the Management Board

Europex contact person

Boris Dokmanović, Head of Business Development

  • +385 1 5540 408


General contact details

  • Cropex – Hrvatska Burza Električne Energije d.o.o.

    Slavonska avenija 6/A

    10000 Zagreb


  • +385 1 5540 400
  • +385 1 5540 419