Electricity System Commercial Operator
Headquarters: N. Baratashvili str. 2, 0105 Tbilisi, Georgia
Location(s): Tbilisi, Georgia
Date of foundation: 1 September 2006
General Director:

Vakhtang Ambokadze

Traded commodities and traded volumes in 2015:

Total electricity: 11.2 TWh

Traded through direct contracts: 10.1 TWh

Sold through ESCO balancing market: 1.1 TWh

Current number of employees (April 2016): 76
Annual report(s): ESCO 2015 Annual report


Electricity System Commercial Operator “ESCO” is designated by the law as the Market Operator in the electricity sector of Georgia, where the overall wholesale electricity trading takes place through the direct contracts signed between the sellers and buyers, while ESCO trades with the difference between the estimated volumes of the direct contract and actual transactions (i.e. Balancing Electricity).  ESCO registers the direct contracts signed by the buyer and seller, maintains respective detailed database used to determine the electricity volumes delivered either through the direct contracts or through the balancing market in the given settlement period, hence, providing complete information about the supplies to the overall power system.

The legal form is the Joint Stock Company where the State Partnership Fund is the solely owner, while the management rights are retained under the Ministry of Energy of Georgia.

Member of the Europex General Assembly

Vakhtang Ambokadze, General Director of ESCO

Europex contact person

Keti Sandroshvili, Head of the Electriciy Market Strategy Development Department

  • +995 32 240 14 20 (155)
  • +995 32 260 19 15


General contact details

  • ელექტროენერგეტიკული სისტემის კომერციული ოპერატორი

    N. Baratashvili str. 2

    0105 Tbilisi


  • +995 (32)  2401 420
  • +995 (32) 2601 915