Energy Exchange Austria
Headquarters: Alserbachstraße 14-16, 1090 Vienna, Austria
Location(s): Vienna, Austria
Date of foundation: 8 June 2001

Members of the Executive Board:

Jürgen Wahl, Rudolf Schneider

Traded commodities and traded volumes in 2015: Power Day Ahead Spot Auction for Austria and Germany: 8,22 TWh
Current number of employees (April 2016): 19 members of staff; 11, 3 full-time equivalent
Annual report(s): EXAA 2001-2015 Annual Reports
Website: exaa.at


EXAA (Abwicklungsstelle für Energieprodukte AG) is Austria’s power and environmental exchange seated in Vienna. EXAA was founded on 8th June 2001 and opened for spot market trading in electric power on 21st March 2002. Since then, EXAA has developed into a major instrument for efficiently exploiting the trading possibilities of the liberalised energy markets of Central Europe.

Over the years, trade areas and agendas have been continuously extended:

December 2015 Designation as a nominated electricity market operator (NEMO).
September 2014 Launch of quarter hourly products on day ahead markets.
October 2013 EXAA introduces negative prices with a min. price limit of -150 EUR/MWh.
December 2012 Introduction of a Green Power trading segment.
March 2012 Monthly volume record: more than 1 million MWh traded.
December 2009 EXAA adds TransnetBW and 50Hertz to cover the whole AT/DE market zone.
January 2009 Start of the “training for energy and environmental markets” program “teem”.
April 2008 Higher priority for market orders within the auction algorithm.
May 2005 EXAA adds Amprion grid as the 3rd tradeable market zone.
June 2004  

Establishment of EEX through the merger between the two German power exchanges.


October 2003 EXAA adds TenneT grid as a tradeable market zone.
February 2003 Introduction of post-trading.
March 2002 First block products.

Member of the Europex General Assembly

Jürgen Wahl, Member of the Executive Board, EXAA AG, the Austrian Energy Exchange

Europex contact person

Georg Beretits, Project Management

  • +43 1 253 72 72 – 93
  • georg.beretits@exaa.at


General contact details

  • EXAA – Abwicklungsstelle für Energieprodukte AG

    Palais Liechtenstein

    Alserbachstraße 14-16

    1090 Vienna


  • +43 1 253 72 72 90
  • +43 1 253 72 72 – 96
  • office@exaa.at