Hungarian Power Exchange
Headquarters:Dévai utca 26-28, 1134 Budapest, Hungary
Location(s):Budapest, Hungary
Date of foundation:9 May 2007

Péter Tóth

Traded commodities and traded volumes in 2016: 

HUPX DAM: 17 720 696,50 MWh

HUPX IDM: 11 111,40 MWh

HUPX PhF: 6 857 426 MWh


Current number of employees (January 2017):28
Annual report(s):n/a


HUPX operates an efficient, secure day-ahead, physical futures and intra-day power market in Hungary.

HUPX Day-ahead power Market was launched in July 2010 as part of the liberalisation of the Hungarian energy sector. Currently, 61 companies from 19 countries trust HUPX to define a transparent and reliable power price, which is used as a benchmark for the whole region and the Balkan. Based on the PCR solution (4M MC), the Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Romanian NRAs, TSOs and PXs on 19th November 2014 extended the CZ-SK-HU Market Coupling with the Romanian day-ahead electricity market. 4M MC is an ATC based day-ahead implicit allocation process striving on the compatibility with the EU Target Model as much as possible, whilst taking into account the fact that the 4M solution is to be considered as an interim step before the Central Eastern European (“CEE”) regional solution.

HUPX is also offering physically settled futures trading. In addition to the settlement of transactions concluded on the exchange, OTC transactions can be registered as well. HUPX Physical Futures Market provides weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly baseload/peakload contracts.

HUPX lntraday Market enables Members to trade non-stop (24/7) intraday products, eg. 15 min. product, 60 min. block, user defined block as well base and peakload. Trading is ensured through M7 trading platform and API. HUPX Intraday Market provides more opportunities for the 31 admitted Members to reduce their need for imbalance energy, to optimize power generation closer in time to delivery and it is also suitable for managing forecast errors or unforeseen power plant outages.

Member of the Europex General Assembly

Péter Tóth, CEO

Europex contact person

Júlia Lobenwein, Head of Sales



General contact details

  • HUPX Magyar Szervezett Villamosenergia-piac Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság

    Dévai utca 26-28

    1134 Budapest


  • +36 (0) 1 304 1090