Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange
Headquarters:19, Al.Dondukov Blvd., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Location(s):Sofia, Bulgaria
Date of foundation:January 2014

Konstantin Konstantinov

Traded commodities and traded volumes in 2018:Day-ahead market: 6,059 GWh

CMBC: 22,711 GWh

IDM: 170,773.5 MWh

Current number of employees (May 2019): 23
Annual report(s):IBEX Monthly Reports


IBEX (Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange) was established in January 2014, as a fully-owned subsidiary of the Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD and holds a 10-year license (№ Л-422-11) from the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission to organise a Power Exchange for electricity in Bulgaria. IBEX works to establish and develop an organised electricity market in Bulgaria based on the principles of transparency and non-discrimination. The efforts of IBEX are aimed entirely at providing a reliable, transparent and competitive electricity trading platform to enable market participants to enter into transactions through a variety of organised market products:

  • Day-ahead market (started 19 January 2016) as a serviced PX with trading platform provided by Nord Pool;
  • Centralised market for long-term bilateral contracts (CMBC) (started 24 October 2016)- Auctions, continuous trading and hourly products, on a platform provided by Trayport;
  • Intraday market (started 11 April 2018) as a serviced PX with trading platform provided by Nord Pool

IBEX is a full member of the MRC (Multi-Regional Coupling) project, as well as an associated member of the PCR (Price Coupling of Regions). IBEX EAD has been a member of Europex since January 2016.

As of 15 February 2018, the Bulgarian stock exchange AD is the sole owner of the shareholder’s capital of Independent Bulgarian energy exchange (IBEX) EAD.

IBEX’s governance structure is represented by a Management Board consisting of three members, including the company’s CEO.

Member of the Europex General Assembly

Konstantin Konstantinov, CEO

Europex contact person

Ana Nikolova, Settlement Department Manager

  • anikolova@ibex.bg


General contact details

  • Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange

    19, Kniaz Aleksandar Dondukov Blvd.

    1000 Sofia


  • +359 2 902 01 20
  • +359 2 950 61 41
  • office@ibex.bg