IBEX - Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange

IBEX, the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange, was established in January 2014, as a fully-owned subsidiary of the Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD. The company holds a 10-year license (№ Л-422-11, extended for another 10-year period in May 2023) from the Bulgarian Energy and Water Regulatory Commission to organise a Power Exchange for electricity in Bulgaria. IBEX operates the electricity exchange market in Bulgaria based on the principles of transparency and non-discrimination. The efforts of IBEX are focused on providing a reliable, transparent and competitive electricity trading platform to enable market participants to enter into transactions through a variety of organised market products.

IBEX is a full member of Single Day-ahead Coupling (SDAC) and Single Intraday Coupling (SIDC), as well as an associate member of the PCR (Price Coupling of Regions) project. As of 15 February 2018, the Bulgarian stock exchange AD is the sole owner of the shareholder’s capital of the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX) EAD. IBEX’ governance structure is represented by a Management Board consisting of up to four members, including the company’s CEO.

30 November 2022

The Greek-Bulgarian border integrated in SIDC

27 October 2021

Inclusion of the Bulgarian-Romanian border in SDAC

11 May 2021

Extension of SDAC to Bulgaria via the Bulgarian-Greek border

19 November 2019

IBEX intraday market joins the Single Intraday Coupling (SIDC) project (former XBID) via the Bulgarian-Romanian border

June 2019

Bulgarian power futures introduced on EEX in cooperation with IBEX

11 April 2018

Intraday market started as a serviced power exchange, with Nord Pool providing the trading platform

24 October 2016

The bilateral contracts market segment started for long-term products, trading via auctions and continuous trading on a Trayport platform

January 2016

IBEX EAD joins Europex

19 January 2016

The day-ahead market launched as a serviced power exchange with Nord Pool providing the trading platform

January 2014

IBEX established

Facts & Figures


1527 Sofia
138 Vasil Levski Blvd.

Date of foundation

January 2014


Konstantin Konstantinov

Number of employees (2023)


Traded commodities and traded volumes in 2022

Day-ahead market: 27,924,996 MWh

Bilateral contracts: 8,273,800 MWh

Intraday market: 1,187,796 MWh

Europex GA member

Konstantin Konstantinov


Europex contact person

Yovka Ivanova

Business Development Expert
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Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange EAD
1527 Sofia
138 Vasil Levski Blvd.