Polish Power Exchange
Headquarters: ul. Książęca 4, 00-498, Warsaw, Poland
Location(s): Warsaw, Poland
Date of foundation: 1999
General Manager:

Piotr Zawistowski

Traded commodities and traded volumes in 2018: Electricity

Electricity spot market volumes: 27,714,704 MWh

Total electricity trading volume: 226,052,409 MWh


Natural Gas

Natural gas spot market: 23,672,199 MWh

Total natural gas trading volume: 143,305,606 MWh


Property Rights

Total electricity property rights volume: 59,302,830 MWh


Guarantees of Origin

Total Guarantees of Origin volume: 16,848,979 MWh

Current number of employees (April 2017): 85
Annual report(s): TGE 2018 Annual Report


TGE (Polish Power Exchange) has been established in 1999, and since then it has been one of the main participants in the liberalisation process of the electricity and natural gas markets in Poland by creating the opportunity for transparent wholesale trade. In 2003, as the first and only one so far, the company obtained a licence from the Financial Supervision Authority to operate a commodity exchange. Since February 2012, TGE has been a member of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Group.

TGE in terms of product portfolio is similar to the most developed exchanges in the EU market. A constant strive for adjusting products offered to the expectations of the market results in the increase in trading volumes and a steady growth of the significance of the exchange as a platform for concluding transactions in the wholesale market in Poland.

Today, TGE members can trade in one place in electricity, natural gas, property rights which constitute an element of renewable energy sources, cogeneration, energy efficiency support system as well as guarantees of origin and CO2 emission allowances. TGE conducts both physical forward and spot markets for electricity and natural gas. The operation of TGE is under constant supervision of the Financial Supervision Authority which provides all market participants with confidence and security of trade conducted on all markets offered by the exchange.

TGE it is the Nominated Electricity Market Operator (NEMO) for the Polish pricing area and the only licensed commodity exchange in Poland, holding a licence to operate a regulated market since February 2015. On 15 November 2017, TGE started operating as a PCR coordinating exchange and operator on the European MRC market. TGE is included on the ACER’s list of platforms for reporting transaction information according to REMIT requirements.

Member of the Europex Board and General Assembly

Piotr Zawistowski, President of the Management Board

Europex contact person

Ewa Sikora, Market Relations Director

  • +48 669 110 340


General contact details

  • Towarowa Giełda Energii S.A

    ul. Książęca 4

    00-498 Warsaw


  • +48 22 341 99 12
  • +48 22 341 99 10