UEEX - Ukrainian Energy Exchange

As the leading Ukrainian exchange, the Ukrainian Energy Exchange (UEEX) organises and conducts exchange trading in energy and other commodity markets. The Exchange was founded in 2010 and its main activities include trading in natural gas, oil and oil products, liquefied gas, coal and electricity.

UEEX implements effective mechanisms for exchange trading, clearing and risk management in Ukrainian energy markets, taking into account international best practices. UEEX lists national price benchmarks for natural gas and coal.

More than 900 member companies are registered at the exchange, which provides high liquidity and representative market prices and quotations. UEEX quotations are published by international analytical agencies including Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and Ukrainian industry publications, recognising the impartial and transparent formation of market prices at the exchange.

In addition to Europex, UEEX is a member of the European Business Association (EBA), as well as the Ukrainian Association of Electronic and Exchange Platforms (AEAEP), with whom UEEX is implementing a number of projects to create exchange markets. As part of the implementation of new market models, UEEX actively cooperates with major domestic producers of energy resources and electricity, TSOs, large traders, coal mining and energy companies, government agencies and leading global exchanges.

In July 2020, UEEX, the Energy Community Secretariat, EBRD and the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine signed a Memorandum of Understanding concerning cooperation on the development of a gas exchange market in Ukraine. In addition, UEEX, the Energy Community Secretariat, OGTSU and NEURC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation on the development and functioning of the short-term natural gas market in Ukraine. These two MoUs establish common work conditions for the development of natural gas trading at UEEX and for reforming Ukraine’s gas market in accordance with European legislation.

Facts & Figures


Khreschatyk St. 44a

4th floor

01001 Kyiv


Date of foundation


Chairman of the Exchange Committee

Oleksii Dubovskyi

Number of employees (2018)


Quarterly report(s)


Traded commodities and traded volume

Medium and Long-Term Market:


Natural Gas – 154 mcm


Oil products – 425 thousand tons


Coal – 3.2 million tons

Europex GA member

Oleksii Dubovskyi

Chairman of the Exchange Committee

Europex contact person

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Ukrainian Energy Exchange
Khreschatyk St 44a.
4th floor
01001 Kyiv