Europex response to the Council Revision of the Electricity Regulation and Directive (recasts) – Improvements still needed to achieve efficient markets

Brussels, 24 October 2017 | Europex supports the efforts of the Council to increase clarity on certain market design aspects in the proposed recasts of the Electricity Regulation and Directive. As previously set out in our position paper of 9 Aug. 2017, Europex believes the Commission proposals broadly recognise the importance of enabling well-functioning wholesale markets and strong market price signals in all Member States.

However, as the texts are further discussed in the Council and the European Parliament, Europex calls for the following important points to be taken into account:

  • Full and equal balancing responsibility for renewables
  • Recognition of third-party market operators
  • The role of long-term markets
  • Long-term visibility on bidding zones
  • Excluding price caps
  • Avoidance of overlapping definitions


Please find further details and  the full amendments table below.