Strengthening the regional approach to system operation to boost renewables’ integration. Joint statement by Client Earth, EFET, Eurelectric, Europex, RAP, SEDC, SolarPower Europe and Wind Europe

Brussels, 26 October 2017 | Europe needs to integrate ever-growing shares of renewable energy sources into the wholesale power market. This path is a no brainer for Europe and for the signatories of this statement.

Today however, a number of hurdles are in the way of reaching this goal. This is in particular the case for cross-border capacity allocation. ACER data has clearly shown that less than 50% of the “benchmark capacity” was offered to the market in 2016 and that, on a large range of EU borders, the part of the “benchmark capacity” offered to the market was even residual. ACER’s analysis shows that the limited amount of cross-zonal capacity made available by TSOs is one of the most significant barriers to the further integration of wholesale markets. A third of the gap is due to insufficient TSO coordination, while the remaining part is due to internal flows being prioritised over cross-border ones.

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