MiFID II: need for an equal regulatory treatment of Long-Term Transmission Rights (LTTRs) to enable an efficient regime for secondary trading


Brussels, 04 July 2017 | Europex supports the classification of Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs) as financial instruments under MiFID II. This helps fostering a well- functioning, efficient electricity markets and will ensure an efficient regime for secondary trading of FTRs. In addition, there is a significant need for more regulatory clarity as regards Physical Transmission Rights (PTRs) in order to create a level playing field for LTTRs.

One of the objectives of the Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management Guideline (CACM GL) as well as the Network Code on Forward Capacity Allocation (NC FCA) is to optimise hedging opportunities for market participants, regardless of existing bidding zone borders. Hence, Europex considers it is important to ensure an efficient regime for secondary trading of LTTRs.

Please read the full position paper below.

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