Energy Trading Platform Amsterdam (ETPA) Becomes Europex’ 30th Member

ETPA, Energy Trading Platform Amsterdam, has joined Europex as a Full Member as of today. With the inclusion of ETPA, Europex now counts 30 members across Europe.

Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, ETPA is a RES-integration focused spot power exchange which specialises in continuous intraday trading and market-based congestion management whereby ETPA provides the trading venue and acts as a Central Counter Party (CCP). It offers direct financial settlement, physical settlement as well as automated ACER reporting and is an ACER-registered Organised Market Place (OMP) and Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM).

Christian Baer, Secretary General of Europex, commented: “We are delighted to welcome ETPA as our 30th member and look forward to working with its CEO, Pol van der Linde, and his team in the common pursuit to further improve the regulatory environment for efficient, liquid, safe and transparent energy markets in Europe.”