Joint EFET-Eurogas-Europex-IETA letter on the future of carbon pricing and emissions trading in the UK

Brussels, 22 June 2020 | Together with the European Federation of Energy Traders, the International Emissions Trading Association and Eurogas, Europex has sent a letter to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to request more clarity on the UK’s future approach to carbon pricing and emissions trading.

The joint letter urges the UK Government to provide clarity on the following matters:

  1. The approach to carbon pricing in the UK post-Brexit and a timeline indicating the main actions foreseen for the development and implementation of the given approach. Should a linked UK ETS be the chosen option for the future, what would be the milestones to have it established by 1 January 2021?
  2. The approach to Carbon Price Support in the UK beyond 31 March 2022.
  3. The Carbon Emissions Tax rate for 2021, and the methodology to set it for the coming year as well as future rates in the event that it is introduced.