A market-based approach to local flexibility – design principles

  Brussels, 12 February 2020 | Increasing the share of renewable energy generation in the energy mix is vital for decarbonisation, yet intermittent renewables such as wind and solar power can put pressure on the capacity of local and regional grids, requiring costly grid management measures from the network operators, both TSOs and DSOs. At the same time, decentralised resources are being deployed at an increasing rate, including, among others, storage assets and electric vehicles interacting with the grid. Active customers will increasingly be able to offer demand-side flexibility, either directly or through aggregation services. Ways must be found of
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Europex response to the CEER Public Consultation on Dynamic Regulation to Enable Digitalisation of the Energy System

Brussels, 14 May 2019 | The CEER Consultation Paper on Dynamic Regulation to Enable Digitalisation of the Energy System elaborates on the implications of digitalisation for the energy sector and for consumers in particular. It considers the changes that may be needed to empower and unlock the benefits of digitalisation for consumers and to protect them against the risks. Selected highlights from the Europex response to the consultation are included below. B1. What impact do you consider that digitalisation will have on the energy system and which are the most important? Digitalisation will enable the emergence of new business models
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