Europex response to the review of RED II on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources

Brussels, 9 February 2021 | Europex welcomes this opportunity to contribute to the Commission consultation of the Review of RED II on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources. In this paper we extract critical points raised in the consultation questionnaire that underpin the need to modify RED II and explain how such a review will support the integration of renewable energy sources while minimising unnecessary market distortions. RED II needs to be modified to align it with the clear market-based approach taken by the Electricity Regulation and Directive and with the cost-efficient decarbonisation objectives of the
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RED II: the benefits of auctioning GOs for supported energy & why auctions will help improve the system

Brussels, 9 October 2017 | New rules for Guarantees of Origin (GOs) for energy produced under RES support schemes are one important novelty of the Commission’s proposal for a recast of the Renewable Energy Directive, an integral part of the Clean Energy for All Europeans package. The proposed amendment to Article 19 stipulates that no GOs shall be issued for energy receiving financial support from a support scheme, such as a feed-in tariff system. Instead, Member States shall issue such GOs and introduce them to the market through auctions. The revenues raised by the auction shall be used to offset
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