Environmental Markets


The Working Group Environmental Markets was created in 2010 to contribute to the development of efficient environmental markets in view of the EU’s decarbonisation efforts. Efficient, transparent and reliable energy and environmental markets provide the necessary price signals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at least cost while fostering innovation and change along the energy system value chain. Additionally, environmental markets are a central tool to achieve emissions reduction targets through transparent carbon pricing and a robust cap-and-trade mechanism. The group advocates for the role of market-based mechanisms to facilitate decarbonisation at least cost.

In recent years, WG EM has been closely monitoring EU Green Deal developments, including the EU Climate Law and increases in emissions reduction targets. The group supports the development of a strengthened, efficient EU ETS as the EU’s primary instrument for emissions reduction. In addition, WG EM is active in the standardisation and development of the Guarantees of Origin (GOs) scheme. Concerning support schemes for Renewable Energy Sources (RES), the group advocates for support mechanisms that are compatible with the market and do not distort price signals.

The group is involved with long-term policy initiatives, such as the broader implications of the EU Green Deal, but also works to support its members in more technical issues relating to the administration of the EU ETS and certification schemes. WG EM often collaborates with stakeholder groups as well as the other Europex WGs due to the cross-cutting nature of many decarbonisation initiatives.

Head of Working Group

Michiel Mulder is the Head of Legal at ICE Endex. In this role he is responsible for the legal department and acts as company secretary. Prior to joining ICE Endex, Michiel was the vice-president of legal at the Royal Bank of Scotland and has held various legal counsel and advisor roles. 

Head of WG EM

Michiel Mulder

Head of Legal at ICE Endex

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