Task Forces

Task Forces are targeted groups that deal with more specific topics that may be out of scope or too niche for the traditional Working Groups to take on board. These groups may report to the Working Group its linked with as is the case with BAL TF and MIT TF, but they may also work outside of the Working Group framework like the ECTC TF. 

Europex currently supports three Task Forces covering the topics of balancing, market integrity and transparency, and the Energy Community and Third Countries. 


The Balancing Task Force (BAL TF), which reports to WG PM, focuses on the implementation of relevant parts of the Electricity Balancing Guideline (EB GL) and the European Balancing projects (TERRE, MARI, PICASSO, FCR). It brings together members who act as ‘Delegated Operators’, providing balancing services to TSOs and the wider energy system. Delegated operators, as defined in the Electricity Regulation, provide important electricity market services such as imbalance calculation and settlement, data publication as well as drafting and issuing of balancing market rules.


The Market Integrity and Transparency Task Force (MIT TF) is a subgroup of WG FM that focuses on the market integrity and transparency regime of wholesale energy markets (e.g. REMIT, CSMAD/MAR). The group brings together members from Registered Reporting Mechanisms (RRMs), Organised Market Places (OMPs) as well as Inside Information Platforms (IIPs) and collaborates closely with the European Commission, ACER and ESMA to improve and facilitate data reporting practices as stipulated in REMIT and MAR. More generally, the group advises on ensuring secure, transparent and efficient energy trading and aims to promote market monitoring and best practices in market surveillance with a view to preventing market abusive behaviour.


The Energy Community and Third Country Task Force (ECTC TF) was formally established in 2021. In view of ongoing reforms in the energy markets of Energy Community Contracting Parties, Europex members recognised the need for closer collaboration to support the region in adapting EU energy market regulations. The development of well-functioning markets in the Energy Community and other countries neighbouring the EU is a valuable objective that will benefit Europe’s energy system as a whole. To this end, the ECTC TF works with the Energy Community and other stakeholders to promote market-oriented reforms which reflect the interests of energy exchanges, in line with developments in the EU.

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