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Europex response to Commission consultation on the Draft Final Report of Everis/Mercados Study on Regional Initiates

Brussels, 12 February 2010 |Europex welcomes the opportunity offered by the EC to comment on and provide input to the “Draft Final Report – From Regional Market to a Single European Market”. Power exchanges are major actors and are the vital vehicle toward the development of the integrated energy market. Europex members are committed to the objective of creating a more transparent, efficient and integrated energy market. Europex  notes that the Mercados’ Report has been drafted without consultation of all relevant stakeholders, in particular Power Exchanges (PXs). This lack of consultation is surprising, since PXs are officially involved in two out of
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Europex input to the Planned 2005 Report on the Impact of the Electricity and Gas Directives

Brussels, 1 July 2005 | Europex welcomes the opportunity to provide input and discuss with regulators and other stakeholders in the energy market a broad range of issues that will form the EU annual benchmark report for the year 2005. In its response, Europex has focused on providing input and ideas on the second listed topic, namely “…whether improvements to any aspects of the market opening should be explored either at national or Community level…”. In particular, Europex wishes to stress the importance of continued commitment to and development of the free and competitive internal market for energy through clear market oriented mechanisms and
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